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Stop Dog Barking and Cat Spraying

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Gawler Vet Media Release - Stop Dog Barking and Cat Spraying

 As part of Polite Pets Month 2013 we are putting a spotlight on how to stop dog barking and cat spraying, as well as other common pet behaviour problems. Gawler vet Dr Carolyn Ellis has a special interest in behaviour problems for pets and talks about them in this article. 

Polite Pets Month is an initiative of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and aims to educate pet owners about what’s normal behaviour in pets, and how their vet can help. 

The theme for this year is ‘Why does my pet do that?’, and focuses on:

  • How to stop dog barking
  • How to stop cat spraying. 

Dr Carolyn Ellis said that, while barking is a normal and natural way for dogs to communicate, excessive barking can be a big problem for neighbours and for your relationship with your dog.

“There’s a range of reasons for excessive barking, including changes to a dog’s environment, boredom, anxiety or dementia. Treatment includes looking at the causes, resolving the anxiety or underlying medical condition and an appropriate training program. Punishment will not stop problem barking. Using rewards is the best way to train your pets to avoid causing aggression or anxiety. “

According to Dr Carolyn, cats not using a litter tray is a common complaint by owners and about 10 per cent of cats have this problem.

“The cause can be a medical problem or the cat might start preferring a particular litter type or might be marking its territory. Treatment might include resolving anxiety or a medical problem, analysing the cat’s preference, or retraining.”

During March Gawler Animal Hospital will have lots of information on hand about common behaviour problems. Our friendly staff will be happy to talk to you about the latest treatments for these pet behaviours, and help you to deal with them before they get out of hand. 

There is a comprehensive range of resources available for pet owners on the AVA website including information sheets on anxiety and phobias in dogs, preventing dog bites, creating a courteous cat and teaching birds to be on their best behaviour, visit 

AVA’s Polite Pets Month is proudly supported by foundation sponsors Ceva Animal Health and Royal Canin.

As your local Gawler Vet, we can help stop dog barking and cat spraying. Give us a call on 8522 3500 to discuss.