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Tips & Tricks Video Archive

Some of our vets and nurses have had great fun creating some great 'do-it-yourself' videos and we'd love to share these with you. From time, to time, we come across something that we hear owners would like to some help with. We hope you find these useful (we'll keep adding videos as we create them) and please let us know if there's a particular topic you'd like us to cover in future.

How to Tablet a Cat

The first video we've done covers an issue that loads of our cat-owning clients have problems with - how to tablet a cat. See how it's done in the hands of Dr Alana with assistance from nurse Lainie and 'Bella' the cat.

How to Apply a Top-spot Treatment to Cats

In this next video, we'll show you how to use a top-spot medication, such as a monthly flea/worming product like Advocate. It's not that hard when you know how it's done. Once again, Lainie, Alana and 'Bella' take you through the simple steps to make this easy for you to do at home!

Useful Links

Gawler Dog Training Club has been a part of the Gawler and surrounds dog-owning community for many years. They run a selection of classes from basic obedience to agility and even 'Dancing with Dogs' classes. The club is sponsored by Gawler Animal Hospital.

The Gawler Kennel Club is an affiliate of the South Australian Canine Association and caters to the purebred and show world. Gawler Animal Hospital is proud to be the patron of the GKC.

 Bunny Business is a great resource for the bunny lovers out there. Provides lots of useful information on rabbit husbandry and on where to find lots of tips and tricks to help make your bunny a great house-pet. For those injured or abandoned rabbits, please contact Sally Arnold at SA Rabbit Rescue on 8254 8601.

The South Australian Canine Association collates information regarding all registered breeds and contact details for individual breed clubs.

The Delta Society of Australia | promotes interactions between people and pets and provides dog training using positive reinforcement methods.

Bird Care and Conservation. Provides advice on bird care

Fauna Rescue. Maintains a group of wildlife carers and provides useful information on wildlife rescue

The South Australian Ferret Association. Acts as an information site and a meeting point for ferret owners

The  Selectapet website can help you choose the ‘right' breed of cat or dog to suit your lifestyle.

Hills Petfoods is a manufacturer of super-premium dog and cat foods and their prescription diets are used in many disease conditions

The Animal Welfare League is a dog and cat shelter and provides adoption services for unwanted pets as well as boarding facilities for dogs and cats

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