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Puppy Training (Puppy Preschool)

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At Gawler Animal Hospital, we believe that early-age puppy training is the best way to ensure your dog is a well-adjusted member of society . Of course, when we talk about training, we don’t mean simply learning to sit and stay. Socialisation is just as important as obedience training and learning life-skills is an essential requirement if you are to end up with a happy, sociable and friendly pup.

With this goal in mind, we run regular ‘Puppy Pre-School’ courses at Gawler Animal Hospital. These comprehensive courses are designed for young pups, from 8 to 16 weeks of age. We cover all the things you need to know as a new puppy owner. The classes are run by our own staff members who go through specialized training themselves so that they can get the best possible result for your pup.

The sessions are designed to be fun (for both pups and owners!) and cover topics such as toilet-training, feeding, introduction to a new home, and appropriate play behaviour. We go through all of the basic health requirements of young pups including de-sexing, vaccination, dental care, parasite control and diet. Of course, we also give you the basics of how to teach your pup obedience tricks such as sit, stay, come, etc. You can apply the same teaching methods to almost anything you want your pup to learn so this is an invaluable tool for you.

The other major benefit to be gained from attending puppy pre-school is that pups learn to look on our hospital as a fun, stress-free environment. This helps enormously when they need to come in later in life for any treatment, hospitalisation or even for routine healthcare visits. Well socialised dogs cope far better with what can otherwise be a stressful situation and we see this frequently in practice.

Ever wanted to know what goes on behind closed doors at our hospital? The last session of each Puppy Pre-School course concludes with a hospital tour and this is always a very popular feature amongst owners.

Our classes are very popular and we have a limit of 6 pups in a class (any more than this and we find that both pups and owners become distracted and so gain less from the sessions). We run them during the evenings, at a convenient time for owners, and a course consists of 4 weekly sessions. If you have just introduced a new pup into your home (or, even better, if you’re planning to do so), give our friendly reception staff a call and ask to be included in the next available class. You’ll have great fun and will gain life-long benefits from doing so!!