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Gawler Animal Hospital
76 Adelaide Road
Gawler South
SA 5118

08 8522 3500

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Local Gawler Vet Dr David MacPhail describes the passion behind his vet practice

Veterinarian, Dr David MacPhail is no stranger to the Gawler region. Initially arriving in 1990 on a “five year plan”, over 20 years later, he is still the local Gawler vet. All 3 of his children went through school locally and his wife works in the local medical practice down the road.


David and his team are passionate about improving animal healthcare in the local community.

“Gawler South Small Animal Hospital has played an important role in the Gawler community over the years. We’ve been involved with breed clubs, dog obedience clubs and recently signed up for Clean Up Australia Day, with plans to spend an afternoon tidying up rubbish in our local dog walking park – Dead Man’s Pass.”

Gawler South Small Animal Hospital is one of only 20 practices in South Australia to be accredited by the Veterinary Surgeon’s Board with “hospital” status. This requires a particularly high standard in everything they do – from equipment and facilities, to patient care and customer service.

David says colleagues are proud of their achievements – “Our staff members love it as they recognise what a huge effort it takes for us to be granted hospital status. They work very well as a group and get a real buzz from achieving a good outcome with our animal patients.”

Unfortunately, the Gawler area does have its challenges due to the large number of brown snake bite cases seen locally, particularly in the summer months. However, the team is fully prepared for the worst in the snake season.

David also recalls one of the hardest things he had to do was to say good bye to his own pet dog, Colonel, when he reached the end of his life.

“Colonel was the gentlest creature ever to walk this Earth. When I had to put him to sleep. I did this at home with my youngest daughter, Kirsty, there to say goodbye to him. Afterwards she said to me tearfully, ‘You know Dad, he’s been there for me all my life’. I’ll never forget that comment and it’s something that has often come back to me when I’m dealing with owners in a similar situation.”

Despite the obvious challenges encountered while working as a vet, David has always wanted to work with animals.

“Although I grew up in Edinburgh, I spend most of my childhood holidays at my grandparents’ small farm where animals were a part of our daily lives. I’ve always loved that lifestyle and knew from an early age I’d work with animals. Nothing’s changed since!” David jumped at the chance of owning his first vet practice and has never regretted that decision.

“I really enjoy guiding others and helping them to improve in everything they do. During my business education, I heard a definition of leadership that went along the lines of ‘helping others to achieve personal growth’. That definition really resonated with me and I try to incorporate it into everything I do as a practice owner.”

David and his team appreciate first hand in their own families just how important pets are to their owners and what a huge part they play in their lives. It is through this passion for animals and the human-animal bond created that his team achieve what they do.

Your local Gawler vet is located at 18 Fourth Street, Gawler, 5118.
Contact or phone 1800 448 276 for further information.