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Gawler Animal Hospital is born!

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Gawler Animal Hospital
76 Adelaide Road
Gawler South
SA 5118

08 8522 3500

As of March 1st, Gawler South Small Animal Hospital has a new name – Gawler Animal Hospital! While the name change itself is quite minor, the implications are more significant. The name change has been prompted by an impending move to new hospital facilities later this year.

After over 30 years on the current site, we’ll be re-locating to a new, purpose-built facility just around the corner on Main North Road. By the time it’s complete, we’ll have one of the best hospital buildings in South Australia! If you’re wondering why we’re doing this, I’ll give you a number of reasons as follows:

  • More space – anyone who’s sat in our waiting room during a busy evening consult session will know that it can get pretty cosy in there! Our new waiting room and reception will be a considerable improvement.
  • Separate dog and cat waiting areas – particularly good for cats as they can hide away in ‘cat cubbies’ while they wait. Worried dogs can find a quieter corner to wait in.
  • More consult rooms – we’ll have 5 rooms so great improvement on the current 2, which can create a bit of a scheduling challenge for us at times.
  • Better surgical and dental suites – we’ve doubled up on both of these services and so can provide a more effective and efficient service.
  • Masses of parking space
  • Improved puppy and dog training areas
  • ‘Self-serve’ hydrobath to keep your furry friends clean

The new building is on Main North Road just opposite the racecourse and was previously leased to Bonnett’s Saddlery (sadly the coloured horse out the front has been removed - we may have to source a coloured dog or cat instead!) This will be gutted and completely re-fitted over the next few months. We’re expecting our builders to make a start on the project by the end of March and the expected move will be by August this year. Just in time for the next busy Spring season!

Along with the building project and the new name, we’ve taken the opportunity to set up a new website domain – (the website will look much the same with only minor changes), email addresses and signage. You’ll still be able to find the old site and to email us but will gradually be directed over to the new addresses. Bear with us if you see a combination of the old and new names over the next few weeks. It’s amazing how many things have the practice name embedded in them and it will take us a little while to change these over!

Amongst all of this change, you can be assured that our service will stay exactly the same and both you and your pets will be looked after as well as ever.

All staff members have been involved in the building design from the very start and are all really enthused about the process. We’ve spent many hours in staff meetings working through ways to make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients. I think you’ll find the changes to be a very positive experience and that you’ll find the same very welcoming approach that you’ve always had at Gawler South. Please feel free to ask us about any aspect of the move and we’ll keep you informed as we go along. If you’re interested, we’ll even arrange a hospital tour for you!

We’re committed to making the new Gawler Animal Hospital a huge success and to providing the Gawler community with high level veterinary services for many years to come. We look forward to caring for your pets and hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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